Do you know what your customers want right now?

Make Realtime Decisions

Your customer activity stream contains valuable information ready to be turned into realtime insights. Integrating with streamdrill is easy. At 20,000+ decisions per second you can optimize your customer engagement and conversion with every single click.

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Interest Profiles

Emphasize products that match your customers' needs and improve conversion.

For every click we will give you a realtime interest profile for your costumer with scores that describe their intent to buy products.

Product Trends

Optimize your landing pages and recommend trending products to new customers.

With the collected results you will receive live product and category rankings mirroring the interests and needs of your customers over time.

Customer Ranking

Engage your top customers and detect high potential customers and churning clients early on.

Customer activity ranking is always included. Adding shopping carts and checkouts to the mix will provide you with realtime revenue prediction.

How Does It Work?

Each time a customer visits your site, streamdrill receives the following information and immediately updates the customer's interests. The results are then available to you in realtime. And the best part is it all works with just a single server.
Big Data in a small box!

Your Customer

There are many ways to identify revisiting customers. All you need is an ID that uniquely identifies an individual visitor.


Meta Data

Metadata helps identify the interests of your customers. These may be products, categories, or tags you use on your site.



To calculate realtime interests, we need to know when a customer viewed a product or a page.