Stop Fishing With Your Hands

streamdrill is for analysts and developers knee-deep in their data stream. We help you identify emerging trends and top performing items in real-time directly from your data-stream.


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Top 10 Problem?

streamdrill solves the top 10 problem. The top items for all trends are continuously updated from the data you send in. No need for iterative computation or big heaps of data to start the analysis.

Made for Integration

streamdrill was made with integration in mind. The main functionality lies within our drilling API. Query your trends and integrate them or drive your own analysis engine with the trending results. There are several libraries for easy access.


No more waiting, just send your data and watch the trends unfold. You can start drilling immediately, requesting the top items or make range queries for all trends you defined. You will receive trends and counters for millions of objects, aggregated in real-time over minutes, hours, days, or even weeks.


We provide you with a dashboard to create your trends and get a first look at the results. Quickly identify the top items, the top trends and verify your data feed.

Bounded Resources

Do you suffer from server inflation? There is really no need. streamdrill mainly depends on the size of your trends. The integrated resource management discards unnecessary data and ensures sustained optimal performance.

Get your own

Get a copy and run it locally. You can test it as long as you like. For a production license, simply contact us and request a quote.